Director of Mon Women’s Organization

Mi Kun Chan Non

Director of the Women Empowerment and Community Development Programme on Mon Women’s Organization (MWO) and Member of Alliance for Gender Inclusion in the Peace Process in Myanmar

Photo: UN Women/Niels den Hollander

Mi Kun is no ordinary woman, hailing from the ethnic Mon community of southeast Myanmar, she has passionately and vocally advocated for women’s participation in peace processes for over a decade. Her success stories are found at the Thai-Burma border where she delivers leadership trainings to marginalised Mon women living in impoverished communities.

“Women’s empowerment is very important. Everyone needs to know about the law. If we understand [the law], then we can speak out for rights. We should do as much research as possible to identify what are the difficulties we face.” She encourages women to go beyond the confines of the ‘kitchen’ and develop skills and confidence needed to challenge the traditional norms and customs prevalent in the society. Her active mentoring enables them to demand and undertake opportunities in decision-making and leadership roles within the Mon community and the government. Recognizing the needs and the influential role of religious and community leaders, UN Women works closely with Mon Women’s Network in Myanmar to promote better awareness on the need for women’s political leadership and participation.

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